born to serve


Tope is a Marketing & Business professional, passionate about connecting communities to amazing brands and creating multi-dimensional business systems where start-ups and multi-national companies can operate fairly in a corrupt free environment, increasing revenue. She has an MBA with 6years+ experience in international business working with multinational firms and startups across the globe.

In 2016, out of a need to create representation for African brands globally, she founded her company (meaning African market in Swahili language), dedicated to connecting african brands to a global audience. She is popularly known as a disruptive diasporan ambassador and mentor for African brands, globally.

Tope practices and teaches Yoga to a small tribe of healthy and happy yogis on a journey through self-care, love and living purpose-driven lifestyles. During her free time, she surfs & travels to explore civilisations beyond reach.

She is a global African tourist, multi-linguist, curator of the “ISOKO AFRICAN VOICES Podcast”, self-taught techie, board member & mentor, public speaker and an advocate for indigenous representation.

Tope Hassan africa