5 magical SelfCare ideas for Christmas!

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s Christmas season!

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December always brings mixed feelings - it's not only a season of reflection but one that reminds us that the year is over and a new one is about to start! Suddenly, we begin to have anxiety asking ourselves questions like…

Did I achieve my New Year goals? Did I grow successfully in my career/personal life I am not yet married! I am still broke! I need a new job! I still have these bad habits! I have not lost any weight!

With so much to think about, we become fixated on “boot camping” our goals through the remaining days of December and forget to be intentional about the season. Here are some magical ideas that will leave you attaining a higher measure of selfcare during and after Christmas.


Spend some time with family that makes you feel inspired and loved. Truly our very own family are the ones that love us no matter what however if you are not able to visit because you are far away, find the nearest family you have - friends, partner, pen-pal, hosting resident family - They will be open to share the season and their table of love with you. Allow yourself go on adventures with them and remember to always give them warm hugs. Its a better and warmer gift!

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The true essence of spending time with oneself is to discover new parts of oneself that we never knew before. While it would be so cosy and comfortable to spend time at home, try to leave your comfort zone this season and spend some quality time with yourself in a new environment. You don’t have to go big, you can remain in the same city and have a house switch with someone you know. Ask them to either allow you to house sit their home while they are away on holiday or swap houses - they stay at yours and you stay at theirs. The essence of this idea is to not move anything else apart from your clothes and not return to your home until the period is over (2-5 days would suffice). During this period, feel yourself opening up to new things, methods, ideas and finding a way around bottlenecks. During this period, take the time, NOT TO PLAN, but to write down everything you achieved in life and be thankful for it. I would usually get sticky notes and markers, then write everything I achieved and stick to a wall as I remember. Write the smallest and biggest things - you would feel much better after all.


You may have a busy work load or not so much money to travel far and for long, but you can spare at least 2 days to go somewhere. Forget going big if you can’t. Take the bus to the next city. Try to book your ticket now before they become expensive or sold out. Rent a hostel - not only because you’re broke but because this is your chance to meet new out-of-the-box people. If not hostel, rent a shared AirBnB or get a host on CouchSurfing. Take something from home and share it with them. Let them feel some love from your home as they share theirs with you :)

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This is the hardest part because we all wish to do something new everyday but we sometimes do not follow through so for this time of the year, find someone who will keep you accountable. You could even ask people on your timeline to keep checking to ensure you finish. Some of the new things I have tried over the years are Hiking 3 mountains at once, Yoga, Surfing, Swimming in the Sea, joining strangers in one car on a ride somewhere, singing at an open bar in a restaurant, baking cakes, learning to code, spending a day at an orphanage etc. In each of these experiences, I learnt something new that has helped me through Life. So think of that one thing you have been hoping to try, find someone with the skill and ask them to help you! If you can't think of something, take a walk down your street, find something interesting and walk in.

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It is the end of the season and you have accumulated so much over the year in wisdom, material and finances. Give back to people around you by sharing something of yourself - donate some material items to the needy, offer to teach uneducated kids something you know or donate some money to charity. Remember; it does not matter how much you have or how knowledgeable you are - what matters is the joy it brings to someone’s heart :)

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SelfCare is all about loving others like we would love ourselves, first.
— Tope Hassan

So, while trying to be the best person you can be, do not forget to share with others. There is no guide to selfcare apart from making someone’s heart smile - at this moment, you have loved yourself and shown others how it feels like.

I wish you and yours an enjoyable Christmas holiday!! I am going to try to attempt all 5 but have about 3 scheduled for the season :) Have you got any ideas planned and would love to share? I would love to hear yours!


Tope Hassan, the multi-lingual Global African entrepreneur,  is the Founder of ISOKO AFRICA. She is an African Tourist, a Praticing Yoga Teacher, Advocate for African Brands and Public Speaker. She produces a weekly podcast on Midas Radio, iTunes Podcasts and Podcast for Android. She is dedicated to adding value to Afrca through her organisation, ISOKO Africa by exporting African brands to the global marketplace gaining them recognition and increased sales.

Tope specializes in Compliance & Public Relations to create multi-dimensional business systems where start-ups and multi-national companies can operate fairly in a corrupt free environment and standardized economy. You can follow her daily updates on her handle, @OfficialTopaz on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.