Boss Lady

Dear BossLady! Here's how your business can take advantage of free drinks at the Bar!

If you're like me, then you are a Boss-lady who owns her business and hardly has time to go out but when you do, you go all out - dress, heels, party, drinks et al. Fun fact about Boss Women is that we have maximum fun because we can be playful, sassy, know how to turn off the stress, the party rocker, dancer & stepper and network faster than a bee. Now, let's talk about how to boost your business even when you're off business having fun!

Every Boss Lady takes cash to cover three vital things every time she's out partying - Uber, Drinks and vex money. It's the number 1 rule of business - always make conservative reserves for the worst! So as soon as we get to the party, we buy our own drinks! You will never catch a boss lady without her own drinks of which she drinks minimal and turns the fun to the red meter. She would be drinking either lemon water, red wine, a tough cocktail or a nice beer and that one drink is enough because she does not need alcohol to get high especially due to the stress piling up at work. After that drink, she switches it up on the dance floor or starts networking/conversing like a bee.

And then while she's in her element, a guy walks up to her with that popular phrase;

I've always been at a dilemma on how to tell a guy that I have had all the drinks I can have for the night and would simply appreciate him to get to the last point of what he needs from buying me a drink! LOL. As a business woman, I need my senses every darn time, I don't plan to get a hangover in the morning because I gotta work and I certainly do not need the walk of shame ;) But how do we turn that drink into something productive so that he really feels he's being a gentleman?

I found three stunning ways to take advantage of "Can I buy you a drink" and yet have as much fun with a handsome and charming lad like Ryan Gosling...  I mean if he's as handsome as Ryan Gosling, who wouldn't want to ogle that face for few minutes haha!

Switch that Drink for a Subscription for your Company: 

In this age of Digital media, there's got to be one subscription pending for your business. Either a domain name, canva subscription, Harvard Research Case Studies, a Ripl monthly subscription, Inter Nations subscription, a fitness app course payment, some Skype units, an ad on Facebook for a new project, Yoga at Cody App course payment, invoicing app subscription, Email unit, a VSCO filter, a conference/event fee etc. There's so much he can pay for using his card or transfer and deleting the details off the app so it does not recur. And these does not cost more than a couple dollars - say max $35. Some subscriptions are a mere $10 so take advantage of that lady. That way, if he really fancies a chat, he won't mind and you get to check something off the list!

Switch that Drink up for a Service Swap: 

A guy buying you a drink is just part of his ego making you believe he's working hard for what he eventually wants to get: a date, a relationship, flirtatious banter, some connection, some info, sex, a bet, whatever. So since he is willing to work for it, well how about he actually does the work? Instead of buying you a drink, ask him what he does professionally and also on the side. A photographer could take some portrait photos for your business outlook, a developer could help fix some issues or bugs on your website, a business developer could go through your business strategy, a lawyer could draft up some basic contract and partnership documents for you etc. Also, be willing to give back a service to balance out the equation but don’t over give. You are not charity. Afterall, speaking to you is a Privilege!

Switch that Drink up for something you actually want:

Have you ever been offered a drink and you just wished you had a bag of popcorn instead? Yeah! That's us. A Boss Lady does not go with the flow; she follows her guts! And if your guts says I would prefer a jar of Olives (gosh I love Olives), a bag of popcorn (fave), a pile of pizza, a cuppa coffee or smoothie, a bottle of wine or Ribena, a pack of broccoli or smoked chicken, a carton of water, a pair of alkali batteries, a painting date (costs 5000), a surf class, a salad or some good local food; then ask for that instead. Get your Happiness and Self Care! No need to drink just because he wanted a drink. And be proud of it!

These options cost right about the same price as a drink or less so no harm nor loss. Of course it’s a free World; If he does not feel like it, tell him to take a walk. After all, a Boss Lady always comes with her reinforcements in place.

Remember this and repeat after me: Any transaction outside my inner circle will be handled as business until it has been defined and its value has been ascertained.

And Oh! For the Men, You are also welcome to take the advice for your business in case a lady asks to buy you a drank!

You're welcome!!!