Tope Hassan

Learning How to Walk

May 2017 was an iconic month of realization, appraisals and pure Joy! It gave birth to my official website by wonderful people who have challenged me to squeeze the fire out of my Skin. That is what this website is about.

The first decade of my Life was filled with childish curiosity and exciting imaginations. In those years, I received an international passport, discovered I loved the butterfly feeling in my stomach whenever I flew and resolved I would rather live on a plane. I experienced all sides of an economic coin and rocked harder than a Tomboy. I was told I was a genius so I believed it and threw caution to the winds.

In the second decade of my Life, I saw the sea and lived in it. The turbulence of my teens were characterized by double lives, complexes, experiencing Africa from its core and cleaning up the sins of our Black Heritage. I visited the ruins in Porto Novo, planted trees with the local community in Nyrutarama, ate the best oven baked rice at Kenyatta airport, fell in eternal love with Waakye at Aflao, sang in the choir at Lome, played the piano at Kabeza, fought with my identity at GHA, had my first job at 14, designed my first frock at 17 and fell in love for the first time in Ethiopia.

Now, I am in my third decade, and life is zipping fast down the Zipline. I am fully evolving into someone who is passionate about something. So everyday, I reach out and test new things, theories, discover new likes, proove my passion and gradually find labels. In the third decade of our lives, we begin to experience what fear really is, we learn patience and just like a baby, we must learn to walk. We step into our path and only we, can create where that path leads to.

So in this time of my Life, before I exhaust the peak of my Life, I will learn to Write (relevant stories), Think (invention and growth) and Walk (in my Path). I will tell stories of Africa where I am from, My Life as it grows, Life Lessons as Experiences deals with me, Badass Humans, Events that shape my progress, Yoga to inspire healthy lifestyles and the Disruption of Diaspora.

Hopefully, we can do it all together.


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