Buongiorno, Torino!

While Europe remains a cold destination this March, Italy is everything warm and cosy from the sights, the people and oh, don’t get me started on the food - or am I just been cliche? Well, let’s just say Mi sto divertendo molto (am having a great time)!

After a rather stuffed couple months, my soul was in need of a breather so I decided to board a Flixbus into Torino for 2 days where I met a really lovely and kind Italian from Sicily who took his time to show me around the city. His name is Gianluca and I met him on Couchsurfing.

Heres one thing you need to learn quickly about Europe - she’s not fancy nor decked with fragile skyscrapers. You’ll need to tune your eyes into artsy lane to appreciate the rustic museums, unique trains, sprayed cafes, marbled sidewalks, peculiar food and a raw display of art.


A quick tour of Turin would start you off right at the city center with the opportunity to walk around the city in a long stretch with gorgeous sites of the shopping malls, street magicians and musicians, statues, fountains etc. don’t get me started on the city square - the city center has over 4 of them with interesting history behind each of them. while Torino is one of the smallest cities in Italy, its still one of the best places to live and work.




7 Photo Apps for the perfect Wanderlust Social Media Feed!

Social Media is a powerful tool in curating a strong brand either for you as an individual, a company, product or events. Pinterest is my favourite place to curate my mood board for a perfect feed and after Instagram was introduced, it gave me an opportunity to fan my wanderlust passion. For a girl who’s deeply driven my aesthetics in designs and images, i knew i wanted a compelling way to show the world through my eyes so i began looking for apps that could help me create that. I am in love with teal, mud brown and rustic reddish-orange - all vintage colors.

In the early days, instagram introduced filters but I hate that it changes my skin color or blurred out the real beauty in the image. Then I discovered some apps that didn’t. They gave you the power to change what you want and maintain what you loved. First of all, you need to plan your theme. Are you a sunshine person (yellow, pink and bright color feed) or white and black (chocolate oreo colors, white, black, gray feed) or city fashion (blue, black, red, white, green, creamy feed)? It's important to visualise what you want your feed to look like.

Here are some apps to help you:


Is one of the best filter apps I recommend to every beginner trying to craft your feed. My personal favorites are WOOD, TIDE, FALLS, FIJI, MARS and MOJAVE. You are sure to keep your skin tone while only manipulating the scenery to show its splendor. Also take advantage of the crop and edit features. I usually reduce contrast on my images to dim bright light or increase to deepen the frame, increase sharpening and exposure, a little saturation or vibrance depending on the image and you’re done. Remember, too much editing makes the photo unreal. Here are some photos I edited with Afterlight for my gram:


Adobe is a universe of chocolate for designers! The thought of Adobe makes me squeal in excitement although I have not fully mastered all the apps but Lightroom is one you can never be wrong about. The great thing with Lightroom is that you can manipulate anything, I mean anything. Sometimes, when I take a photo and there's a weird person photobombing, Lightroom allows me take the person out without fuss. More importantly, I can create my own presets (filters) which I can use on the go on my mobile. The best part about it is that you can use a curated preset without a subscription on the mobile app. When using Lightroom for my photos, I only manipulate the LIGHT, COLOR, EFFECTS, DETAIL features. This helps me maintain my color theme in the background while maintaining my dark skin color. That's very important to me. Here are some images from my feed with Lightroom settings:


This is a rare gem that was gifted to mankind back when we didnt have great photo apps on mobile so VSCO has been here a long time. My personal favorite thing about VSCO is that you can apply your filters on video! So it helps you maintain the same theme even in your videos with over 100 filters to offer. More importantly, you can manipulate the filters and save them as a preset to simply apply them later on videos or images. Cool right? My favorite filters are M5 (vintage images), H3 (moody potraits and food) and L5 (for greenery scenes/anything with plants). An important feature you need to learn is the HSL in edit feature where you can adjust any color on your image - reduce the red brightness and maybe change blue color to teal or yellow to rustic orange. So cool! Don’t forget to increase sharpening and exposure, reduce/increase contrast and improve clarity/saturation. An images from my feed:


PicsArt was just a playful and childish app back in the day until they upgraded last year. With PicsArt, you can add subtle features to your image and change the background/foreground of an image. But mind you, a lot of the app features remains playful so don't overdo it or your image would look like a 5 year old painting. While I was in Germany last year, I wanted to add snow to my image foreground and also add lights and butterfly to our Christmas scenes. I was able to achieve this using the BRUSH feature. I used the snowflakes, butterfly and bright yellow light brushes. Swipe over the area in the image you would love to add and you can also use the eraser to take out any excess. You may also experiment with the Beauty, Lens Flare (which I've used on an image), Call Out, Draw and Effects features - all depending on what you're trying to achieve and your artistic prowess. I always do simple. After adding the features I need on PicsArt, then I apply a feature from VSCO, Lightroom or AfterLight to achieve a uniform color theme. Some images from my feed:


Did you know that your iPhone comes with a photo editing feature? After taking a photo, select Edit at the top right of the screen, then manipulate with the light and color features to either brighten or augment the light of your image and add some color to it. After that, select the venn icon (3 circles) and pick a theme - you can choose between original, vivid, vivid warm, vivid cool, dramatic, dramatic cool, mono, silvertone and Noir. Use the crop feature to straigthen or crop the image. You're good to go. Here’s an Image from my Feed using Vivid Warm theme.

I hope you have so much fun in playing around with the apps and finding your staples. I have stuck with 3 templates and do not bother touching the others. As I travel and take photos, I simply pass through the preset I already saved and post to instagram - as simple as abc :)

If you run into any roadblocks, you know where to find me ";) Do you have any favourite apps or any new ideas? Kindly share below. I’d love to hear from you too :)

how to cop the perfect yoga poses on a hiking trip

being a travelling yogi can be frustrating in keeping up with your practice or spreading the yoga cheer as I love to call it. I believe that yogis are like evangelists. They bring mindfulness and joy to every space they are so when travelling, you need to bring that cheer with you and take advantage of the wanderlust atmosphere around you so you can cop magaical moments that inspires & fuels our imagination. 


lotus pose & a peace in front of a native shrine symbolic of bringing respect and peaceful spirit to a place of worship. I don’t need to be part of them but I respect the ethnicity of what they represent because I represent God.


the lord of the dancer pose is the perfect classic outside the mat. All you need is a wall or a sort of stand. It could be a bridge rail, door knob, wall, balcony, pole etc. Simply hold onto the object with one hand and raise into a lord of the dancer pose or wall split. And you get the easiest wall pose.

the compass pose - front side is great for depicting a view. Just as the name suggests, the leg up in compass direction is to be directed at where the view is featured. In this case, above the rock where the majestic layout of Olumo rock is situated. Just don’t forget to smile 😊


The compass pose - back side is great for a calm view. Not majestic. It’s a great contrast for landscapes where the subject is rather closer to the camera. Try to pointe the toes and straighten the knees as much as you can. Keep the body upright and let the cameraman focus on the landscape with the yogi on either side of the frame.  


the low lunge is every Instagram model’s must have. It’s great for revealing how far your splits have come and even when your splits have not come far, it makes you look like a great yogi. The palms are also great for showing information or a sense of awareness and obeisance. It can also be supported by placing hands to the ground. Totally simple! 


this pose may look hard to get into however the hardest part is the angles by the cameraman. The camera must be set at the same level of the face or even an inch or more lower than the face. It should also be set from the angle of where the feet is pointed and align with the aesthetics of the background. Most importantly, the pose is best done on a platform above the ground and not on the ground. If not it looks like a weird chicken 😂😂😂 


the down dog leg up split is great in between spaces. Down dog is a simple sometimes boring pose done on the mat however to get a dramatic feeling of it, find a space in between two objects or two walls close to each other, a bridge hand rail, the floor and a pillar, two rocks affected by erosion etc; set the feet firmly on one end and the palms on the other. Hold firmly and raise one leg up while the camera shoots from below through the side in order to get a good view behind the yogi. Makes for a great view. 

the splits is my personal favorite. Find a great park bench and a view. It’s best done on surfaces above the ground level. But even if you’ve only got the ground, have the camera on the floor to capture th same level with the background. Raise palms to the sky and gaze at the thumb or hold out hands to each side parallel to the legs, smile at the camera and be free. 

What are your go-to Yoga poses when traveling? can you share a link to your perfect pose? Would love to hear all about it. 

Namaste 🙏🏽 

a roadtrip & the many adventures experienced in Abeokuta

beginning this year, my goal has been to learn more about my home of birth, Nigeria & immerse myself in its magic. as an African backpacker to disrupt pan-African trade & multi-cultural relations, i believe my charity begins at home. my mind was made up & this power suddenly conquered carsickness as i knew what needed to be done without fear so i contacted TVP Adventures to kick-start my national tour. 

me at the top of Olumo Rock with an achiever smile & the cosy TVP Backpakck. 

me at the top of Olumo Rock with an achiever smile & the cosy TVP Backpakck. 

armed with a bad history of motorphobia, two large bottles of water and an extra legging, i set out on a tour of Abeokuta - the largest city & state capital of Ogun State.  

The ‘adire’ market

a longtime tradition from our fore-fathers and ancestors, the "adire" (tie-and-dye) market was a fascinating discovery for me. i discovered that "adire" wrappers were not made in a factory but by a small community of hardworking locals so exceptionally dedicated to the detailing of each piece.

each piece is unique & very different from the other. it was first designed using starch made from different types of flour to create the patterns, then dried under the sun. it was then collected and tied into tiny pleats at certain lengths and dipped into a bucket of dye. after it dries, it is then ironed by wooden slabs that were manually pounded on the material to smoothen and fold it into the perfect package for sale. 

that's me, iron pounding an adire  

that's me, iron pounding an adire  

it was here i swore never to price an "adire" material at the market ever again. the craft is the main source of income to this community but it is sad that the government has demolished their markets building over it major highways and have failed to relocate the market to another piece of land. this market is said to attract thousands of tourists which has reduced drastically; more so, their source of income declines during the raining season due to the lack of sun to dry their materials.

"what will happen to this community in the future?"

Olumo Rock

a place of refuge. a place of war. a place of peace. now a place of history.  

it was told that the ‘egbas’  hid under this rock during the war in the past. it was their source of survival and a shrine that protected them from the outside world. the rock takes on the shape of a pregnant woman lying on her back on a table. how symbolic! the rock featured a sacrifice room, the kings quarters and a kitchen under the rock where his wives cooked, the tree of Doggedness & Resilience, a shrine and it’s chief priestess which is still passed down to the new generation, aged trees, a fort and a magnificent view. 

The view is everything from the top :)

The Herbert Ogunde’s living history museum

this is a fascinating story about a man who married seventeen wives who became his co-actors and traveled far and wide acting and creating plays that deftly introduced the Nollywood industry to the world.

the entrance to Herbet Ogunde's living museum home

the entrance to Herbet Ogunde's living museum home

the Ogunde’s living house museum welcomes you with a large wall post - it is a huge bungalow surrounded by a bold compound housing the magnificent statue of the late actor himself, Herbert Ogunde. one of the grandsons welcomed us who was also our host. we were told not to touch anything, no phones were allowed within and not to sit on any chair or surface in the house. the house is filled with all his equipments, cameras, a helicopter engine used for cooking up a storm for his movies, re-enacted scnes from his movies, album upon albums, his drums, all his costumes, his passport, nigerian actors who were so young back and are now veteran actors, his bed where he slept, his clothes, his family tree & so much more.

this is why i don't have much to show you but you can visit the museum sometime and be entirely amazed. this museum will teach you to value the country Nigeria and its people.

if you would love to read more about Ogunde's story, check out this beautiful narration written by my sister girl & guide, Funmi Oyatogun. Click Here.


Image Credits: Rachel

Tour Guide: TVP Adventures


heel clicking is a lovely happy jump to do after a tour... so i did one with Funmi.

heel clicking is a lovely happy jump to do after a tour... so i did one with Funmi.

See you on the next adventure :) Meanwhile, have you been to Abeokuta? Did you have any fond memories or favorite places? Would love to hear it.
 if you don’t achieve anything in this world,
by all means, TRAVEL!