Souvenir: celebrating women at Sina’s house, Aug 2018 - Lagos, Nigeria.

Souvenir: celebrating women at Sina’s house, Aug 2018 - Lagos, Nigeria.

if you had the chance to create your friends, who would you make?

just like every great thing in this world, friendships are intentional investments you make for no guaranteed future. we run into trouble when we start considering friendships as a current bonus - like an ice cream that’s supposed to make us feel good right now.

our friendships are not always going to work out. sometimes, it would require time to heal from a bad incident or a passive friendship that we can rely upon. but in any case, friends are a spice for life.

friend: another spirit to navigate the universe with.

so while you grow into the best version of yourself, don’t forget to find your clan - the people you choose that decide to choose you too. make room for them and share of yourselves selflessly in growth and intentionally but don’t lose your true identity for another person.

invest time in your friendships and your friendships will invest in you.

set an intention for this week

think of the people you’ve come across that inspire or challenge you. you don’t have to be friends with them. identify the ones with good character. call them up this week. as you go out, buy a small item (as little as a pen) and gift it to them. invite them out to coffee or a walk. learn about their dreams and goals. be the first to reach out. for your close friends, make a conscious effort to schedule a hangout once in 2 or 3 weeks. share updates and invest in their passion also. remember to share your intentions with them.

“the reward of giving is in the joy of a glass of cold water offered

affirmation for week 10

“When I win, my friends win. When my friends win, I win… ”

breathe easy.

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Tope Hassan, the multi-lingual Global African entrepreneur,  is the Founder of ISOKO AFRICA. She is an African Tourist, a Praticing Yoga Teacher, Advocate for African Brands and Public Speaker. She produces a weekly podcast on Midas Radio, iTunes Podcasts and Podcast for Android. She is dedicated to adding value to Afrca through her organisation, ISOKO Africa by exporting African brands to the global marketplace gaining them recognition and increased sales.

Tope specializes in Compliance & Public Relations to create multi-dimensional business systems where start-ups and multi-national companies can operate fairly in a corrupt free environment and standardized economy. You can follow her daily updates on her handle, @OfficialTopaz on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.