you come first

Tope Hassan Love Letter

this year, i’ve been reminded time & time again that i come first. i get carried away with giving and serving so much that i forget to replenish and usually end up empty - having to take so much time to fill up again only to expend and repeat the cycle.

who’s the strong one among you?

sometimes, its the strongest people that need so much love because you are selfless and have given your time to learn so you may mentor; to smile so you may inspire; to dream so you may build…


humans have no business being strong, they posses strength.

know that you are loved not only by family, friends or the people you have touched. know that you are also loved by the universe - the trees, the sky, the sea, the air you breathe because God made the universe to balance for you irrespective…

so anytime you feel so low, remember that you are

God's own love story

set an intention for this week

no… its not time to check up on your strong friends. rather its time to admit to everyone around you that while you're strong, you're also the weakest link. so take up a piece of paper, write down 3 things that becomes your kryptonite and weakens your strength. share it with the people around you and show them you also need care. inspire them to do same.

“first admission of guilt is the perfect one of them all”

affirmation for week 12

“i'll be bold at heart; i'll be bullish about life; i'll be vulnerable with friends and kind to myself… ”

breathe easy.

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Tope Hassan, the multi-lingual Global African entrepreneur,  is the Founder of ISOKO AFRICA. She is an African Tourist, a Praticing Yoga Teacher, Advocate for African Brands and Public Speaker. She produces a weekly podcast on Midas Radio, iTunes Podcasts and Podcast for Android. She is dedicated to adding value to Afrca through her organisation, ISOKO Africa by exporting African brands to the global marketplace gaining them recognition and increased sales.

Tope specializes in Compliance & Public Relations to create multi-dimensional business systems where start-ups and multi-national companies can operate fairly in a corrupt free environment and standardized economy. You can follow her daily updates on her handle, @OfficialTopaz on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.