Love Letter

create your own table

Yoga Tope Hassan

i remember as a child, i'd always had a seat at the table at home. until 17, when i started college, i made my very first meal knowing that i was well on my way to making my own table… even though it was a small one. what an amazing feeling!

oh the joys of independent manifestation.

and then we became adults, and suddenly, we look for a table where we can be welcomed to partake of the feast. even the culture told us to bring our own seat to the table if there wasn't one when we got there.

and so we spend our entire life… looking for a table (sometimes, in compromise of ourselves), unconscious of the seat in our hand. that seat in itself is an asset.

the truth about life is that sometimes, it does not work when we bring our seat to the table of others.

after trying different tables for a while, don't be afraid to make your own table.

be brave enough to make your own table and you will find likewise people with seats looking for a table.

this, is your table.

say to yourself

i trust in my process. my eyes are twin worlds… sending light across the universe. and as my thoughts become actions, the universe yields to me. my heart believes… as i,

breathe easy.

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this is my first love letter to you!

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